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Bose Professional launched Panaray® MSA12X Modular Steerable Array Loudspeaker!

Bose Professional recently launched the Panaray® MSA12X Modular Steerable Array Loudspeaker.

Unique Features of the product

  • The self-powered Panaray MSA12X features a slim, unobtrusive acoustic design with twelve full-range 2.25-inch transducers (with 75 Hz – 14 kHz response) in a columnar line array configuration, to provide consistent audio levels with outstanding vocal intelligibility and full-range music reinforcement in acoustically challenging spaces.
  • The MSA12X model includes 12 internal power amplifiers (50 watts per channel; total 600-watt rated power) and onboard DSP to allow digital control and beam steering of array vertical coverage patterns.
  • Proprietary Articulated ArrayTM configuration allows wide, 160-degree horizontal coverage. Independent level and EQ control is supported for two separate beams per array, and onboard memory stores up to 10 user-selectable presets. The MSA12X features both Dante™ network connectivity and line-level analog input.


  • The modular design allows up to three MSA12X units to be vertically arrayed to increase coverage distance and low-frequency pattern control.
  • The slim, low-profile elegant enclosure mounts close to surfaces, blending in with the visual aesthetic of a space, and its digital control eliminates protruding pitch brackets.
  • An integrated mounting bracket allows up to 90-degrees of pivot away from surfaces. Design, setup, and control of beam coverage is provided by Bose Professional Modeler® and ControlSpace® software. The MSA12X is available in either black or white finish and is paintable.

Places it can be used at

Designed for use in houses of worship, auditoriums, museums, transportation facilities, lecture halls, conference facilities and theaters, the Panaray® MSA12X Modular Steerable Array Loudspeaker will be previewed during the 2017 InfoComm show and are scheduled for Fall 2017 availability.

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