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Bombay Bicycle Club- Back in Business


After nearly 6 years, the Bombay Bicycle Club return with a follow up to their critically acclaimed album, Flaws. 

Bursting into the music scene in 2005, they rapidly garnered media attention and quickly became a band with a cult following.The Bombay Bicycle club (named after a chain of Indian resturants) are London based. They predominantly focus on folk and indie rock. Their sound is a mix of fresh beats,  blues and soft rock.

The bands third album ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ carries forward the signature softer folk tones of their previous albums. The new collection sees them with their guitars plugged back in, synth additions and layered vocals.It is expected to be released in September 2011, and includes the tracks Bad Timing, The Sleep Song and Beggars.

Their single Shuffle is due to hit iTunes on June 23rd. 

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