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Best Electronic Drum Amps – Score Music Tech

Electronic drum kits are great for drummers who want to practice at home without disturbing anyone. These low volume solutions come with headphone outputs but if you want to perform live, you will need electronic drum amplifiers. As more and more people start using electric drum kits, here are some of the best electronic drum amplifiers that you can use:

KAT Percussion KA2

If you’re looking for a perfectly portable gigging amp, then the KAT Percussion KA2 is a fantastic choice for you. Even though it’s small, it packs a massive 200 watts of power to help you cut through the mix, especially when you crank up the presence control.

This will be very helpful while playing with guitarists on high gain. The KAT Percussion KA2 combines impressive versatility with ease of use and is specifically designed for digital drums. It’s loaded with a pair of drivers — a 12-inch woofer delivers a present and punchy kick sound with a cutting snare. The 1-inch tweeter helps your cymbals sound bright, clear, and better than ever.

Alesis Strike Amp 12

This sleek wedge monitor produces a staggering 2,000 watts of peak power, which means it can be used at home or on loud stages. But that amount of power doesn’t come at the expense of clarity or accuracy.

Every crash, snare, or kick will sound crystal clear at all volume levels. And, if you desire a more refined sound, it’s loaded with a contour switch that slightly scoops the mids to give the tone a more sculpted feel.

The Strike Amp 12 is loaded with an active 2-way speaker consisting of a 12-inch low-frequency driver and a high-frequency driver. 

Roland PM-200

The Roland PM-200 is a purpose-built electronic drum amplifier. This wedge-style powered monitor generates 180 watts of power and is more than loud enough to fill the room.

With this monitor, you’ll get access to plenty of volume, full low-end response, and crisp highs. The PM-200 delivers clarity at all volume levels, thanks to the 2-way speaker design (12-inch woofer and 1-inch horn tweeter). The PM-200 has dual XLR outputs (stereo pair or dual mono) that let you record in stereo or plug right into the PA when you’re playing live.

Roland PM-100

The Roland PM-100 is the smaller sibling of the Roland PM-200. But just because it’s smaller than its big brother doesn’t mean that the PM-100 can’t stand and deliver.

The 2-way speaker system (10-inch woofer plus a 2-inch tweeter) delivers clean and accurate sound reproduction with more than enough headroom. You’ll love the powerful kick drum, punchy snare, and shimmering cymbals.

Like its bigger brother, the PM-100 has two line inputs, a 1/8-inch auxiliary input, and independent controls for each. These let you jam with another member of the band, your favorite songs, and more.

Finally, the pair of XLR outputs allow you to plug into your audio interface or straight into a PA onstage.

Porter & Davies BC2

When you’re playing electronic drums with in-ear monitors, it can be hard to recreate the big bottom end of a traditional kit. Porter & Davies has a solution for you! The BC2 Tactile Drum Monitor bundle gives you the low-end thump you’re looking for without needing to crank up your regular stage monitor.

But how does a drum throne double as a monitoring device? The answer is genuinely quite ingenious — tactile sound transducers and bone conduction. The same technology was also found on a popular children’s toothbrush that played music through the teeth while brushing.

The throne comes equipped with a tactile generator that’s connected to the external BC2 sound engine. Whenever you hit the kick drum, your seat will also vibrate.

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