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Behind the Sessions with ENZY Studios: Parthiv Gohil

Behind the Sessions at ENZY Studios(BTS)

Episode IV hosts the gifted and an extremely skilled playback singer and composer Parthiv Gohil. Parthiv Gohil is not just a name popular in the industry but he is popular worldwide in midst of Gujarati population. In this episode Parthiv talks about his early days, his deep affection and love towards music, his musical journey from Bhavnagar to the Bollywood land (Mumbai) and theron. He goes on and talks about his riyaaz routines and the imperative importance of practicing singing on daily basis. He is thee founder and curator of the musical festival one being well known as ‘Gujrati Jalso’. He talks about his efforts and ideas dedicated towards this musical festival, leading onto the grandeur of which is today going global.

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