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Band of the month: Avora Records

We had a chat with Avora Records, a Jazz and Pop music band, fresh talent from Aizwal, who spoke about their recent win at the Sennheiser Top 50 bands, their musical influences, upcoming gigs and more.

When did you form the band and how did the name come about?

Avora Records was formed in 2013. It was founded by Mamaa Ralte (who now acts as a producer and manager for the band). The name of the band is named after Mama’s father Marova. How is it, is for you to figure out.

You guys recently won the Sennheiser Top 50 bands. How was the journey and what did you feel like when you were announced as the winner?

The journey was nothing short of delightful. It was our first venture out of Aizawl and every experience taught us something new. We met a lot of new faces who turned out to be great friends. We got acquainted with acts like Papon, Raghu Dixit and The Family Cheese, etc. and learnt a lot about their crafts. We also learn alot about ourselves as we travelled together and shared hotel rooms. We came back as a closer group of people than before!

Honestly, we thought that we’d come second! The band was speechless for a long time!!! We didn’t sleep that night lol.

Each of you in the band have different musical influences. How has that helped when making music?

Dissimilar influences has always been an advantage for the band! It makes our writing and production style unpredictable and helps us experiment.

If there is an artist that as a band you would like to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

We really love Parvaaz, last year’s winner! We’d love to go full ambient with them.

What makes your music unique?

We are a guitar driven band that pays artistic attention to intricate details. I think this part really shapes our sound.

Do you have an album or EP release on the pipeline?

A full length album is on the works. Hopefully, it’ll be out next year.

Who do you guys idolise as a band?


Tell us about your upcoming tours.

We’ll be leaving for the the NH7 Bacardi Weekender on 27th this month and staright to Delhi for The NE Fest on November 4th.

Your message to our readers.

Stalk us on social media LOL

Rapid Fire

Best gig till date

Terra Maya, Guwahati, Sennheiser East Zone Finals

When you are not jamming, what would you be doing?

Playing Xbox

Favorite band


Most embarrassing moment on stage.

When Stephen choked because a girl he has been writing and singing about came to the show.


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