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Baba Sehgal Back With His New Single Mumbai City

Thanda Thanda Pani veteran Baba Sehgal is back with his latest musical offering – Mumbai City.

He insists the song is a musical rendition of the city’s trademark style. “It is a dark, hip hop track – the kind of genre I specialise in”.

With lyrics like “Mumbai city hai, khoka peti hai”, Sehgal says that the song is a literary representation of the essence of Mumbai – its traffic, hard work, fast life, travelling, street food, party and nightlife culture, glamour, etc.

[youtube_video id=MAKzLfjbrIk]

The song Mumbai City comes after a long hiatus during which Sehgal was busy making music down South. “I prefer working in the South. It’s more professional there. You decide a song and it’s done and out in the next two months… the coordination is good,” says Sehgal who has done playback singing for several Kannada and Tamil films. “Bollywood, however, is difficult. But yes, now that I’ve established myself as a playback singer in the South, I’m getting more of Bollywood offers” he adds.

Sehgal, who has been tagged as the man who popularized hip hop in India, feels, “We need to make space for Hindi rap in Bollywood. It’s so odd that we are embracing hip hop and rap from the west.. even film songs now have these segments of rap, but then it’s all English. Why can’t we have total desi rap songs!

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