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Author: Baba Prasad

Analog Console Emulation plug-ins

For many yester years, the old school analog studios had large format consoles style mixing, hardware compressor, equalisers, gates/expanders and reverb units. There used to be plenty of knobs switches etc to

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How to prepare for Mixing

How to prepare for mixing

I get this question most often from my students and starters who wants to mix a song faster to deliver for their clients. Well, there is no way you can mix a

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Top 5 Hardware Modeled EQ’s

Top 5 Hardware Modeled EQ’s

Most starters or even intermediate sound engineers have trouble choosing between software modeled EQs and outboard hardware gear. To be honest, its the final result that you need to focus

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10 tips for mixing a song

10 tips for mixing a song!

Basic Needs for Mixing Mixing is an art. If you’re new to mixing, you need to concentrate your song before it gets to the mastering stage. While you might be

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Recording Drums at home!

Recording Drums at Home

Recording Drums at home can be very challenging. You can achieve great results at your home set up even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money for

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