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Artist Talk: Ujjwal Singh Bhandari ahead of gig at The Stables, Mumbai!

In conversation with Ujjawal Singh Bhandari ahead of his live set at The Stables Mumbai on 12th January.
What’s on your set list for Stables? 
Artists like Eddie Vedder, Chris Issac and bands like Metallica and Beatles have inspired me and my music and my set list includes hits from these and many other artists along with a few Hindi rock numbers .
What makes your music unique?
My music is from my heart to your soul, there is absolutely no adulteration in the process. I love to keep my music simple and soothing and maybe that’s what makes my music unique.
Best performance till date and why? 
I have done a number of amazing performances for the last few years, it’s difficult to choose, but every time I have worked with Evolv records  it has been a delight.
Any musician/ artist you would like to collaborate with?
Evolv records artist Mellissa Dessa would be someone I would love to collaborate with soon, Amit Trivedi is someone I would love to collaborate with in the not so distant future,I just love his music.
3 reasons why people must attend your gig at The Stables
1)Because I am going to bring the house down with the help of the audience and my band
2)Because it’s stables India and they have some great sound and ambience
3) Would you rather sit at home and sulk and miss the best night of your life
Upcoming projects
I have a single coming out soon, so wait for it.

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