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Artist In Focus: Ed Sheeran

The demented looking dude up there is Ed Sheeran, who I discovered this morning. Even though he looks a little like Ron Weasley, he’s our artist in focus for being ginger and awesome. 

Ed Sheeran broke out (of an insane asylum for gingers!) in 2005 with his EP Orange Room (which is any room with his hair in it!). 

[youtube_video id=4FbBDfW3_oc]

Since then he has released three albums: Ed Sheeran (2006), Want Some? (2007) and + (that was not a typo, it is called +) set to release in 2012. There have also been a bunch of EP’s, especially the critically acclaimed Loose Change (2010).

[youtube_video id=UAWcs5H-qgQ]

His music is mainly the typical love songs, but distorted slightly (like the colour of his hair!) with atypical, beautiful lyrics. Not stuff to write home about, but nice quiet music nevertheless. Especially for these sultry summer days, it passes the time quite nicely. And his songs make sense, which is always welcome after the continuous barrage of cool sounding inanity that most music is reduced these days. 

And, as a nicely poetic bonus one of his videos actually features Ron Weasley, making it the ultimate in ginger madness!

[youtube_video id=c4BLVznuWnU]

So here’s Ed Sheeran’s latest from +, and all signs predict that it’ll be an album worth checking out. Maybe go buy a copy. 

[youtube_video id=G2fOum_KWQU]

That cat will hate you forever if you don’t!

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