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Antaragni – the annual cultural festival of IIT Kanpur – Score Short Reads

Antaragni – the annual cultural festival of IIT Kanpur – is one of the largest and most anticipated festivals throughout Asia. Translated literally to ‘The Fire Within’, everyone associated will feel inside. Established in 1965, it has now expanded and evolved into the largest cultural extravaganza in India. Antaragni witnesses the participation of over 50,000 students, in 100+ events from nearly 350 top colleges all across India.  It has been the touchstone of India’s college cultural heritage. Each year it evolves and grows in scope to reflect the changing nature of society, but it always remains the best three days of the year for everyone who is a part of it.

Students from a plethora of fields – humanities, engineering, science, commerce, economics, law and medicine participate in events with great gusto and zeal. In addition to the exciting competitive events and illuminating talks, it hosts amazing performances by artists of international standing which mesmerize the 130,000-strong footfall and 25 million eyeballs.

Core team Antaragni ’19

The previous offline edition of Antaragni’19 witnessed a power-packed performance from the singer-composer trio Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. The band When Chai Met Toast was invited to perform on “Fusion Night”, while Sitar Metal performed on “Classical Night”. But it wasn’t just Indian artists that the festival had to offer. The International Carnival of Antaragni hosted artists from Portugal, Poland, France, Korea and Iran. In the wake of the pandemic, Antaragni improvised, adapted and overcame the barriers of the realm of online fests and ended up being a grand success with performances from the likes of Sonu Nigam and Akash Gupta.

The 56th edition of Antaragni with its theme of “A Nouvelle Rhapsody” is a return to normalcy after two years. We strongly believe Antaragni’21 to be better and bigger than ever!

Apart from the star-studded performances, the fest also hosts a number of interesting events and competitions in various domains such as the Mr. and Miss Antaragni (Beauty Pageant), Ritambhara, Poetry Slam (Literary), Jitterbug (Dance) and Wanderlust (Photography).

So come join us from 8th to 10th April at Antaragni’21, IIT Kanpur as we unfold the rhapsodies of ecstasies, freedom, contentment, euphoria, friendship and love.

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