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Another Indo-Pak musical venture : Good, Bad or Ugly?

Two boys from India and Pakistan meet on Orkut. Two years later they release an ambient post rock album. Are they trying to bridge the Indo-Pak gap musically? 

The Child- The Eternal Twilight’

Who are The Eternal Twilight?

This duo consists of 20 something Noor Kadiwala from Mumbai and 19-year-old Abbas Haider from Rawalpindi who met on Orkut. In an interview with MTV Desi they talk about their music, influences and of course, how they make it work across borders.

Their album Everything Resembles You was digitally released in March, and they have CDs coming out on 19th of JuneWe gave it a listen. Soothing, tranquil and sometimes sunny but tends to get repititive and the final verdict? Not impressive.

Why you should buy the CD

1. You want music in the background that won’t interrupt you while working

2. You need music to meditate with, whilst pondering the meaning of life

3. You have to make a political statement or prove you’re all for world peace (It is an Indo-Pak venture after all!)

4. You just require music that incorporates the chirping of birds, grasshoppers or footsteps

To conclude, the music might not be everyone’s cup of tea (it wasn’t ours), but their cross border collaboration should certainly get them some publicity! 

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