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A dreamy description of the silly heart: Anirudh Deshmukh’s acoustic version of ‘Dil Bawra’- Score Indie Reviews

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Writing about the whims and fancies of the silly heart has always been a favourite topic for poets. Its innocence and nomadic nature that’s constantly healing, and growing while also breaking and mending is something that is written about for a long time now. Singer-songwriter Anirudh Deshmukh recently released his take on the crazy heart through the acoustic version of his original song ‘Dil Bawra.’ This was also accompanied by a music video and it is just the sweetest thing ever!

The melody of the song is very simple with just the guitar accompanying the vocals. It evokes a very sweet, dreamy feeling in the listener until Deshmukh surprises the listener through a tone change towards the middle of the song, which also showcases his vocal skills. This shift which complements the lyrics well is also good from the perspective of the melody because it gives a nice break, away from monotony. It takes the listener to a high, just like a heart flying high and brings about the ‘bawra’-ness of the heart really well.

Lyrically, the song has a very poetic touch to it. Exploring every nook and corner of the heart, it talks about how it shows a person who he/she really is. This poetry aspect is also brought about in the video when Deshmukh can be seen holding a pen in his hand and writing the lyrics in a book amidst a field. The music video, like the song, is simple and sweet.

The hues of beige, white, and brown, colours that are easy on the eyes accentuate the organic nature of the song. The music video portrays the artist in a very ‘just another man with his guitar’ mood which elevates the mood well. The white veil flowing throughout the video adds to the dreamy experience of the song.

‘Dil Bawra’ is therefore a song you can play at home or in the background and transport yourself to a dreamland.

Verdict: Soft, sweet, dreamy and clean.

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