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Anantharaman Anil and Alloy Francis’ energetic instrumentals on Bhoomi make it a worthy tribute for Earth Day – Score Indie Reviews

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Released on April 22 aka World Earth Day, pianist Anantharaman Anil‘s sophomore single Bhoomi (“earth”) is quite an interesting venture. Featuring the drumming of Alloy Francis, both instrumentalists combine their talents for a “calmly chaotic” single that is intended to be a tribute to Mother Nature. 

The song’s YouTube description reads as follows. “The music depicts the power Earth holds over all of us. Our actions are slowly leading to the destruction of our home and it is high time we keep aside all our grudges, greed, and discrimination, and work together towards a better future.” 

With a good-enough intention, Anil kicks off the track with upbeat and playful piano riffs that still seem to carry an air of mystery beneath the notes. And when Francis’ percussion graces the track, the energy levels are increased. What is impressive is that both artists seem to present different sounds in terms of the pace, but the juxtaposition still works out to present a disparate yet united sound. The “jugalbandi” that ensues would be impressive to witness at a live gig. 

Anil seems to have saved the best part for the last as the song is accompanied by a brief vocal part followed by which the piano plays all across the place and the drums pick up intensity. All in all, it crescendoes to a delightful finale. And even though the track makes good use of its almost-4-minute-long duration, the energetic ending might want viewers to stick around for more. 

Verdict: A delightfully energetic “jugalbandi” of two talented instrumentalists. 

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