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Albatross in Chennai at Score Night!

Horror Metal is a genre you need to be acquainted with. Music has done a lot of things to you, but when’s the last time music actually made you afraid?

Venue: Star Rock at
The Spring Hotel Get Directions
Time: 8:30 PM onwards
RSVP: +91 95000 12975
Date: March 30th

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  1. They have an entire album about cannibalism. Their songs have extensive research into diseases that afflict you when you consume human flesh. Such knowledge cannot be only theoretical. So if you’re looking for a meal of literally unprecedented proportions this Friday, you know where to be. Also, if you are looking to BE a meal. Dinner is you!
  2. Court of Kuru. That one song alone would make paying whatever exorbitant sum that these people are charging are worth it. The drums. Hoo-boy, the drums. Sounds like the love child of Lars Ulrich and Dave Lombardo beating five colours of the rainbow out a pair of skins.

    [youtube_video id=fsZa-2FIyuQ&]

    Besides my editor assures me that he’s actually a vampire and he tends to become quite iridescent under the strobe light (ladies!)

  3. They have a really good bassist. The guy who goes by Dr. Hex, evidently possesses some incredible skill on the fretboard. Check out this song.

    [youtube_video id=-mW4dc73DIc]

    The guy goes literally insane with his guitar. And that’s just a youtube video, real life will be quite a spectacle, I assure. Good chance he’ll go the Keith Moon way and trash everything onstage. You’d not want to miss that would you?

  4. Their new EP ‘Kissing Flies’ is coming out. They are already signed with Roadcrew Records. All evidence suggests that they’ll be the next big thing in the head-banging scene. This is your chance to say to posterity: “I was there when these guys started out. I got punched by the guitarist due to drunkenness.”
  5. Due to my remarkable affinity for the metal scene, I may be biased. But their music is actually pretty good. It makes sense, and they’re not singing about poking their fingers into their eye. Rumor has it that they play songs about hysteria and talking dolls.

    Also, I am assured that there’ll be a mosh pit of gigantic proportions. And with enough people, they’ll construct a wall of death. Heck, if you slip the security outside twenty bucks, you can make an Eiffel Tower of death.

To prepare yourself for the massacre that’ll be Friday night, listen to their first EP Dinner Is You. Carry sunscreen, pepper spray and a concealed Morningstar. Please leave last vestiges of sobriety and intelligence at home. Haffun!

Event Details

We rave about Albatross but we are JUST as kicked about 83MPH. These guys always play a wicked show & we know tomorrow ain’t going to be any less!

You get to watch BOTH 83MPH and Albatross for a cover charge of 300/- with cover. This is early bird. IF you get to the venue & then buy ticket swithout reserving, you gots to cough up 500! OK? Ok.

Bulk bookings can be made by contacting us on phone – 9500012975 or 9841527096

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