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Akriti Kakar had a quick chat with us about Batti Gul!

Akriti Kakar has come exciting stuff to tell us about her latest music video in collaboration with Benny Dayal.

How did the name Batti Gul come up? 

The term Batti Gul came out from an evening tea time conversation. We realised how it is such a common term and no one has ever used it in a song. I loved the fact that I could lyrically apply it to so many different contexts! And that it had a crazy catchy ring to it. I just started spinning a song around it.

Benny and you are a crazy awesome duo, how was the experience working together on a video? 

I have known Benny for a while now and when the song was composed, I knew it had to be a duet. The next thing I knew was that it needed a spunky energetic young voice and Benny was who came to my mind! On hearing the song, he loved it so much that even he couldn’t stop dancing to the track while recording. That added to my gut feeling about the song. It was literally like a party working on this one. Be it the studio recording or the video shoot.

What were the challenges you faced during the shoot? 

We actually did not face any challenges. For me the biggest thing was that VIACOM team had loved Batti Gul the instant they heard it. This song’s destiny was actually to have released with them. Viacom doesn’t even release singles and they loved the song to an extent that they curated Bollyland exclusives as a platform to launch it. This had suddenly become big.

We can already see this song making waves on social media, what is your target with this song? 

My target with any and all of my songs is to only appeal to the listeners and bring out another side of my talent and besides entertaining them, also explore and test another aspect of myself. Where I last wrote and composed Amma, this one was a mad dance number in a completely opposite zone. Seeing the kind and amount of love pouring for Batti Gul, it made me overwhelmed. We were trending as #BattiGul and my name on Twitter @Akritimusic for the first time ever ! There is no better feeling than your hard work reaching out to people.

Any message to your fans?

All I want to tell my fans is that we all as artists always want to keep doing newer things and of our own beside Bollywood. And that is when our true fans, friends, music lovers should all back us up even more!!! Go spread the word and push our independent content more than you because film stuff isn’t promoted the way a film song is promoted. So support independent artists and music too.

If you haven’t already listened to this crazy, mad song, what are you waiting for? Kar Ko Batti Gul guys!!


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