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Aditya’s new single Waisa Hi Tha explores notions of time after the lockdown: Score Indie Reviews

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Aditya Kambhampati had made his presence felt since his 2020 debut EP The Green Room Project, an effort which he followed up with various singles. Now, the singer-songwriter and guitarist releases music just under his first name with his new single Waisa Hi Tha, a track that carries the comforting charm and style of his previous releases. 

Aditya’s tracks do bring out some philosophical songwriting and mellow acoustic fingerpicking and Waisa Hi Tha is no exception. Drawn out on a 5-minute duration, Aditya gets enough space to showcase his hushed down-vocals and guitar solos. Meanwhile, gentle percussive rhythm provides a significant backing energy. 

For those who are familiar with Aditya’s work might feel that this new single too is working according to a familiar formula. In that sense, this might not be his “newest” sound. However, Waisa Hi Tha might prove to give solace for the listeners who are new to his music (hopefully promoting them to also go through the rest of his discography).

Like a plethora of musicians, Aditya too wrote this song at the beginning of the lockdown to interpret the ways our lives changed. A central observation proved to be the stillness of time. After the pandemic, more and more people seemed to be losing track of the calendar while our mind began to wander off towards different spaces and experiences that we otherwise couldn’t have explored.

For themes such as these, Aditya’s songwriting is also adequately metaphorical and poetic as usual. There’s hardly any flaw to note in Waisa Hi Tha barring the fact that the duration might not sit well with a few impatient listeners. As for those who wish to put time on a standstill and hear an introspective track for a change, they’ll be pleasantly rewarded.

Verdict: Philosophical concepts blend with acoustic goodness.

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