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Adele Makes Music History. Again.

First she come out with ‘Rolling in the deep’, and has a lot of people 




First she comes out with the epic ‘Rolling in the Deep’, a song with overwhelming cover power (YouTube was bombarded with homages in many voices unlike her blessed contralto). She then inspires a bunch of artists to cover this song and she’s silently been watching them fail to impress as much as she has. Now she’s made Billboard Hot 100 history without fore warning. 

Her album 21, was released in January 2011. Her first single off the album was ‘Rolling in the Deep’ which brought this voluptuous singer to #1 in 17 countries at a certain point. Her second single off the album was ‘Someone Like You’. It was much appreciated but didn’t get as far as ‘Rolling in the Deep’ did in terms of being viral and having to put up with people (even men) singing it in a heinous soprano range of voice.

[youtube_video id=dHtwZ07N1ic]



Linkin Park covers ‘Rolling in the deep’. They aren’t as good as Adele when it comes to rolling.

But very complacently, it looks like she made a surreptitious and extremely strategic decision. On August 28th, she performed ‘Someone Like You’ at the MTV music awards. With so much passion did she sing on stage, she would have piloerected the skin off of people. The single then stirred up a hype and she jumped from chart position 19 to chart position 1 for the first time in 53 years.

[youtube_video id=ri49XBQ23kA]



Watch Adele perform ‘Someone Like You’ and get piloerected.

The magic of this is, the vault to #1 was not influenced at all by the single’s release, but solely by her adrenaline-rush inducing performance at the MTV Music Awards. The last time there was a jump to #1, it was The Beatles. From position 27 to position 1. Yes, that was a bigger jump, and that happened only with the release of a new single.

Yeah. She’s outdone even The Beatles.

She is the perfect cross between Christina Aguilera and Duffy. Taylor Swift and Jessie J were her classmates in music school. They’ve not done things this awesome so far. She’s got her sing-to-mesmerize abilities down pat. We’re not going to stop hearing about Adele for a while. As long as she always sounds like this we’ll never complain.

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