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Adam and the FEP release Album No.2 “Dead Loops”

Adam and the fish eyed poets (FEP), the one man band, is back with album #2 Dead Loops. A new sound and a new theme which is as impressive as his first, with everything we’ve come to expect and more. The 22-year-old Kishore Krishna has proven once more what a brilliant lyricist he is. His new album is a stark commentary on the hypocrisy of Indian society. 

The racy music in the songs deals with some extremely unpleasant subjects (ListenSuicide Girl or Acid Facial). However, this combination somehow works for AATFEP without trivializing the issues themselves. His mature voice combined with the surf/60s music makes Dead Loops a must listen. The entire album’s duration is less than 30 minutes. Each song is different and the short length makes each song powerful enough to get you hooked instantly.

Listen to Dead Loops here.

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