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AC/DC to embark on another mamoth tour?


AC/DC has dropped subtle hints that they are on-road to celebrating their 40th Anniversary with style . i.e. a new album and a world wind tour. AC/DC fans are still reeling from their latest album released barely a month ago.

Frontman Brian Johnson in an interview with NME, said the band are set to meet soon to “chat to see how we’re feeling” about celebrating the milestone.  However, the singer was careful to not announce any concrete plan. “We never ever say ‘We’re going in the studio January next year’ – if you do that you’re straight under pressure, and we’ve never worked like that.”

The trailer for AC/DCs  new DVD “AC/DC: Live At River Plate”

The previous tour of AC/DC concluded last year. It went on for nearly 3 year , interspersed with 168 concerts, across 4 continents. Brian was non-commital about how big their 40th anniversary tour was going to be, “That was brutal but I’d sure hate to say that’s the  end of it. I think you need a full stop at the end of everything, a sentence, your life,  or your car. There has to be a full stop and I don’t think we’ve had one yet.”

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