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Aamir Rizvi x Oh Arya – Third Wheel: Score Indie Reviews

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Aamir Rizvi is a singer-songwriter from Kolkata, India. Specializing in acoustic sounds and fingerstyle guitar, Aamir calls himself a “writer of tunes”. Having released 4 singles on all streaming platforms as part of his solo project, and two singles as part of his duo called Raiko & Rizvi, Aamir has been in the music scene since he was fifteen. His single, “Runaway” is considered to be his best song yet and he has performed at a number of venues such as The Salt House in Kolkata and Terminal 11 in Salt Lake City, Kolkata and the “Blooperfest” as part of Raiko & Rizvi, a fest featuring Kolkata’s best artists.

Oh Arya is a performing musician/DJ and producer hailing from Calcutta, India, currently based in Bangalore. He signed his first record deal at 17 with Swedish/Dutch Record Label ‘Poolside Recordings’, which received support from EDM artists like VNDY VNDY (from Hexagon Recordings owned by Don Diablo) and more. The same year, he was seen headlining for mammoths such as Indian Ocean in local festivals such as Uncultured Music Festival and also performing in campus festivals in St. Xavier’s College Kolkata, The Heritage College Kolkata and more. 

These two supremely talented artists have collaborated for their latest release “Third Wheel” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Third Wheel” is a song that looks at how third-wheeling with a couple is not the best thing to do. Sometimes, it’s better to just stay at home, with the guitar and the television on. Inspired from real-life experiences the song looks at how a boy is infatuated by a girl’s appearance on social media and ends up writing a song for her. A small part of the song also talks about how sometimes love is not the answer, and music can do a more than adequate job of filling the void.

Musically, vocally and lyrically absorbing, “Third Wheel” may chart one man’s story of choosing music over faux love, but in troubled times such as these, it offers a universally inspirational voice to stay home and ride the flood rather than be drowned by it. Musical interpretation is completely subjective afterall. Go on and add it to your “lockdown/work from home/chill at home” playlists.

Verdict: Minimalist yet rich.

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