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8 Ultimate International Duets of all time – Score Global Music

8 Ultimate International Duets of all time – Score Global Music

While solo performance is a challenge altogether and hundreds of individual artists have made their mettle in the world of music, duets have a special space always. The conversational dialogue that happens in duets cannot be seen in any other style of songs. While people might think duets are only meant for romantic purpose or expressing the feelings of love, it goes beyond just this single aspect. A duet can be a debate, a fun conversation between friends, or a counter argument as well! Score brings you the 10 Ultimate international Duets of all time that will surely make you rethink on the scope of duets!

1. Girl from the North Country- Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash: The song is a classic example of how a duet can also mean strong friendship between two legendary artists.  With Bob Dylan’s thoughtful lyrics and Johnny Cash’s unique approach towards Country music, this song is an undisputed classic.

2.Time of My Life-  Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes: A dancing masterpiece, and the passionate voices shows the chemistry between a couple so brilliantly. A song that rocked the 80s decade in style, it became a jewel in a crown kind of a movie “Dirty Dancing”.

3. Cheek to Cheek- Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong: When two Jazz legends come together, nothing less than extravaganza would happen. With Jazzy rhythms, Louis Armstrong’s baritone voice is amazingly complemented by Ella’s powerful voice. Duets are made for such reasons is it not?

4.  When You Believe- Whitney Houston and  Mariah Carey: A duet needn’t be just another romantic number but about women power that gets doubled with these two power packed artists. A song that uplifts feminine spirit in a simplified way, don’t miss the amazing vocals that dominate the composition throughout. 

5. I Believe in You- Celine Dion and Il Divo: The fantastic vocalist Celine Dion blended so perfectly with the Italian group Il Divo who bring harmonies to complete life. The blend of multiple vocals in a breezy ambience is the biggest highlight of this song.

6. No Me Amez- Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: The real time singing couple sets the song into instant liking with their fiery renditions touched with Latino feels and taking the listener instantly to the blue seas of South America and Mexico!

7. A Whole New World- Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott: A song that is sheer magic, and breezy at its hilt. Just like the magic carpet scene shown in the film Aladdin during this song, the song glides like a river that is unstoppable.

8. Beauty and the Beast- Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson: Timeless number that speaks about the fantastic tale of Beauty and the Beast- an eternal fairy tale. Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson bring live to the composition with their passionate renditions.

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