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8 facts you didn’t know about people who love music

There are several facts which are common among music lovers. Many of these facts are even certified by certain researches carried out by professionals. Take a look at these facts to know which ones apply to you!

1. Listening to music helps in strengthening working memory. Nina Kruas, conducted a research and found out that musicians have the ability to remember information due to their extensive training, this enables them to make their working memory better than that of others.

2. Classical music helps in improving the listener’s IQ. This fact has been scientifically proven that people who listen to classical music have been IQ levels as compared to those who listen to other genres of music or no music at

3. Enables excelling at spatial reasoning
According to a study, it was found that music lovers perform great in geometry. This
happens as music helps in enhancing and developing the regions of the brains which are
responsible for making spatial judgments.

4. While running music helps in burning more calories. On the basis of a study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, it was found that music activates the prefrontal Cortex region of the brain which helps in improving recovery during running. The study also found that runners listening to
fast-paced songs performed better in comparison to the ones listening to slow-paced

5. Listening to music makes you less prone to hearing disabilities. To cure several hearing related diseases, it has been found by researchers that by listening to music people can keep hearing disabilities at bay. This happens due to the constant exposure to different frequencies of sound.

6. Unheard songs help in driving safer
It has been proven by a study published in Science Direct that music has effect on
drivers. And, if the driver is listening to songs which he has never heard before then he
will tend to drive safer on the road.

7. Young aged musicians are smarter in general.

8. Musicians can learn a language quicker than others. Researchers have concluded that musicians can learn a language more easily than others as they have an ability to pick a rhythm. During the initial phase of learning a
language, a person is required to identify rhythms of speech and since a musician is
already aware of the laws of rhythms, he will tend to quickly grasp the rhythms of
speech of a new language.

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