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8 eye-catchy products showcased at The NAMM Show 2024 that one cannot afford to miss

Sound devices and gadgets are transforming and getting better as years pass by and proving to be highly helpful for live artists and studio recording engineers as well. NAMM Show got all such fantastic and latest sound gadgets with useful features from top-notch sound manufacturer and gadget designer companies across the globe. We at The Score Magazine found some magically exciting gadgets which redefined the meaning of sound experience and ease of usage. 

For this new year to make more musically enchanting, we bring you 8 amazing products that cannot be missed by experienced as well as aspiring musicians and sound producers along with music gadget enthusiasts:

To start off with, let us look at the state of the art Pro Audio gadgets:

  1. Zoom-H Essential Series: This miraculous device revolutionised the sound experience featuring high-quality stereo mic arrays and easily usable recording functions. The company has added three fantastic models to the lineup namely the H1 Essential, the H4 Essential and the H6 Essential. All of these devices in the series offer 32-bit float recording and enable stress-free broadcasting quality recording irrespective of the location


  • Built in stereo X/Y mic array for two track recording
  • H4 array offers improved mic array with capability upto 130 dB SPL.
  • For the power users, H6 flagship model features 6 tracks and a modular microphone system and X/Y array with handling range upto 135 dB that’s equivalent to a taking off jet  plane.
  1. Shure SLX-D Digital Wireless Microphone System:  Undoubtedly a boon for journalists, content creators who work on the go, journalists and videographers, the rock solid SLXD rack a mount wireless system has included a wireless portable receiver and a plug on transmitter that is compatible with any microphone.


  • Versatile powering options for bag users
  • Intuitive setup
  • High spectral efficiency
  • Leading digital-audio technology
  • Robust, rugged design – ideal for users on the move
  1. Sennheiser HD-490 PRO Open-Back Headphones: Sennheiser is a competent brand that monopolised headphones over the years. Highly respected by audiophiles and hard-core professionals, the brand has added a new headphone to the lineup- introducing HD-490 PRO.


  • Clarity, comfort and strong reliability- all in one device
  • Uses the contemporary Open-Frame technology
  • State of the art neodymium magnet- core of sound reproduction
  • Ideal choice for engineers and sound producers for comfortable recording and listening

Coming to the next unmissable category, the music instruments, here we go:

  1. Yamaha Pacifica- Where Style and Quality meets: Though it is regarded as an entry-level guitar, it does have a wide range of lavish and amazing range of features. Created by Japan-based craftsman Master Luthiers, this range of Pacifica models are aimed for contemporary guitarists and suitable for all genres of music.


  • Sleek C-shape necks and alder bodies
  • 22 stainless steel frets
  • Premium Gotoh locking tuners
  • Two-point tremolo bridges
  1. Alex LIfeson’s Lerxst’s first ever guitar launch: Alex LIfeson launched amps last year by collaborating with Lerxst but branched out to a series of amplifiers and now with their first ever guitar launch, the electric guitar rightly called the Limelight. The guitar is inspired by the Hentor Sportscaster guitars used by the world-famous rock band Rush’s guitarist during the 80s era.


  • Though vintage, the guitar’s core design is aimed at forward thinking
  • Setting new standards in expression of music
  • Strongly aimed at today’s guitar players
  • Extremely high-quality sound and robust build

Magnificent Amps and Live Gadgets

  1. Taylor’s First Ever Amplifier: The Circa 74: As part of the 50 years celebration in the world of amps and success stories, the guitar giant entered the world of amps by launching their first ever amplifier.

Highlights :

  • Solid-state 150W channel combo amp
  • 10 speaker design suitable for both vocalists and acoustic guitarists
  • Additional 3 band EQ with reverb control
  • Extremely light-weight- 24lbs that is ideal for artists on the move
  1. Vox launches its recreated pedals: For the love of vintage and the saying “old is gold”, Vox takes us back in time to the year 1967 by launching VRM-1 Real McCoy and V846 Vintage pedals.


  • Hand crafted parts for the organic feel
  • Custom-designed parts
  • Iconic pedal design
  1. Big-Muff launched by Electro-Harmonix: Celebrating 50 glorious years of Ram’s head-circuit. This limited-edition glistening gold Muff pedal is true to its description. Only 555 units have been distributed worldwide and the obvious part- all of the pedals were sold out within an hour of its release.


  • Extreme brand value and robustness
  • A design that is a suave mix of bygone era and contemporary style
  • Portable and easy to carry – a great advantage for performing artists going across the globe on tours
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