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7 important points you need to know about the ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers by Bose Professional

Difference  between Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers and traditional line arrays

Sound quality and flexibility! With respect to sound quality, the area where we really differentiate is the vocal clarity that the product provides. What we accomplished is keeping that crossover point outside the vocal region, which significantly improves vocal clarity. Another big differentiator in sound quality is the ability to custom shape the array so that it provides seamless coverage throughout the audience listening area. Finally, the output that you get out of ShowMatch is another unique sound quality element. There are two proprietary transducers and compression drivers that are not off-the-shelf transducers, but were designed by Bose engineers. The ShowMatch transducers provide amazing outputs, perhaps not seen from other products in its class.

The flexibility of the product, especially as it relates to the DeltaQ technology allows to vary the directivity for each box so that you can create a custom array. It is referred to it as “next generation array technology” because you can customize the directivity to best fit the needs of the application.

One single component most responsible for vocal clarity in new Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers

The one single component most responsible for ShowMatch’s vocal clarity is the DeltaQ technology, which enables adjustment of the array directivity to best meet the needs of the application.

Main target customers for ShowMatch

The customer base for ShowMatch is very diverse because of the flexibility that it offers. The fixed install market with a focus on projects such as auditoriums, live music venues, houses of worship, etc. But the introduction of ShowMatch opens a whole new customer base for us as well, because it is also engineered for portability. On the rental side, ShowMatch can work anywhere from tour level applications to corporate AV events and conferences.

Penetration into India and price

The product will be available in the Indian market beginning in December. We haven’t published the price list yet, but for now we can say that it will be slightly less than RoomMatch.

Feedback received from customers & manufacturers

By mid-December, there will be a wide introduction around the world. DeltaQ is a differentiated technology that offers something novel. Customers and consultants have experienced many other products, and are very discerning about what works and what does not work for them.

The Indian market is one of the focus markets, and a very promising market for several reasons. The first is the increased appreciation for quality sound, which is a huge advantage and another is the promising live music industry, which is growing tremendously. Finally, the corporate events market, which is very active in India.

India is a price sensitive market, but price is only part of the story. Customers are really seeking value. If the performance level is commensurate with price, customers are very receptive to that.

The R&D process at Bose?

The guiding philosophy at Bose is definitely “better sound through research,” and that is very much present in the pro-audio business. This is actually the case for the DeltaQ line array technology: the engineers have been working on this technology for over a decade. So the R&D process also involves being very much accountable for delivering results based on customer demand for our products.

India’s fit in the Global market

It’s a very exciting time to be in the global pro audio market. Some segments are growing very fast, especially on the corporate and the enterprise side, while other segments are very steady. Digital networking is also becoming more common in pro audio applications, and the need for premium quality audio is also increasing.

This product was featured in our November 2017 issue:

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