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We all know how songs tempt us. They get into us, and refuse to get out. And we keep wondering how that happened.

Interestingly, Pepsi MTV Indies has outlined 5 steps in which a song manages to do that.

Stage One – Denial

“The first time you hear ‘The Song’, it instantaneously transforms you from a fully functional human being to a dreadful cliché as you discover the phenomenon – ‘love at first listen’.”

Stage Two – Stuck in limbo

“At this stage, it’s almost like you’re constantly battling your brain as it refuses to stop playing that song on loop. And it’s going to continue to play in your head until it grows on you and you grudgingly accept it as part of your being. Expert advice – the sooner you accept that you love it, the easier it is.”

Stage Three – Intervention

By this point, you’re listening to the song every breathing second of your life and pretty much jump out of your skin anytime anyone mentions it anywhere. Bad news – there’s probably an intervention coming your way. Good news (sort of) – It’s most probably designed by a loved, scared or creeped out one.”

Stage Four – I Hate That I Love You 

“This is the stage when the song is beyond overdone but you still have those weak moments when you’re scrolling through your music library and can’t help but click on that almost nauseating yet comforting song.”

Stage Five – Rebound Song

“And just when you make a mental pledge to never invest in another song that much, ever, comes along the ‘Rebound Song’. And whether you like it or absolutely not, you’re part of a cycle very much like a faulty record player and there will always be that one “song”.”

(From MTV Indies)

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