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5 gadgets for musicians to take your Social Media Content to the next level

More than a way to share every moment with our friends, social media also allows us to promote businesses and projects. These gadgets will improve your social media game:

Cell phone stabiliser

A cell phone stabilizer will help you record videos like a professional. This accessory does not allow the tremors that we often have when recording a video to be perceived because, as its name says, it will stabilize the image we are capturing. It will also help us capture precise moments, preventing our lens from blurring.

These are some characteristics that will help you decide which stabilizer you should purchase:

  • There are two and three-axis stabilizers, the former are generally cheaper, while the three-axis ones allow you to record moving images.
  • Some of the stabilizers use rechargeable alkaline or lithium batteries.
  • If we talk about the weight of these accessories, choose a light one, without sacrificing other functions. This prevents fatigue during prolonged usage, especially if you are interested in using it on your trips.
  • Ensure that your stabilizer is compatible with your cell phone.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money on good lighting. Just buy a nice light ring and it should serve a lot of your purposes.

By investing in a ring light, you will have a stable lighting source to regulate its intensity. Furthermore, the ring’s circular shape prevents shadows.

You can buy it in mini size, just to hook it to your cell phone, or with a tripod.

Tripod for cell phone

This gadget is going to save your life, so you can record and take photos without having to hold the cell phone and move a little away from it. Buy a selfie stick or a tripod for your cell phone.

Many of these are compact and allow you to carry them wherever you go. There are desktop tripods, which are much smaller and easier to transport. There are also some with clips that you attach to various surfaces. Either of the two can be very useful to achieve stability while recording yourself or to take very creative photos without asking someone else to help you.

Mini Microphone

In addition to looking super cool with a microphone, this is one of the social media gadgets that will help you improve the quality of your audio. 

There are different models of microphones on the market that will be a quick and easy solution for recording your voice. These characteristics will help you choose the best microphone for your needs:

  • Ensure that the microphone allows you to connect it to the headphone output of your cell phone. The connector should be 3.5 mm, which is generally the standard measurement on mobile phones.
  • If it comes with a filter to reduce noise, it will be one of your best purchases, since your breathing or the wind will no longer be heard as much.
  • Look for one that has audio quality and clarity, as well as recording directionally.

Programs to edit photos and video

Sometimes the tools for editing photos and videos on social networks only come with some filters and stickers. To look like a professional on social media, you will have to download some apps that help you add effects, transitions, and other details to your photos and videos and edit the material to make the most of its potential.

Although some of these software are paid, there are some more that have functions too good to be free for either Android or iOS systems. One more advantage is that most of them are intuitive, which will not cause you problems when using them.

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