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5 Critical Tips For Learning Guitar – Score Short Reads

Play for at least one hour every day.

When it comes to learning guitar, nothing is more important than consistency. Take the example of working out. If you work out 24 hours for one day, you will just end up hospitalized with numerous injuries. However, if you work out for one hour for 24 days, your body will get much fitter. It’s similar with the guitar.

Don’t play for 10 hours on a day and then keep the guitar locked up for 10 days. Try to play for an hour every day. Even on days when you have “no time” to play any guitar, try to play for 15 minutes at least (if you have time to watch tv and scroll through social media, you will definitely have 15 minutes to play guitar).

Use the metronome while you work

If you want to play fast you must play slow first. Just like you need to learn how to crawl before you can run. The metronome will put you in order and will allow you to work in harmony without losing the rhythm. You should start working with a slow metronome beat (even if you are bored, even if it makes you sleepy, even if you don’t like it at all) and after making sure that you make really clean sounds during the exercise, you should continue your studies by raising the tempo by 5 beats.

Remember that no one can play the song at perfect speed as soon as they pick up the guitar (you may think that there are people around you, but they are people who have worked hard enough before and are now enjoying their fruits). Even seasoned musicians learn songs by playing them slowly first.

Pay attention to technical exercises as well

The main purpose of learning guitar for all of us is to play songs anyway. While you should definitely play songs, you should also spend a lot of time on studying the techniques needed to start playing the song. Examine the techniques in the song you want to play, and start the song studies after completing the technical studies first.

Yes, you probably picked up the guitar because of your favourite songs but in order to play them properly, you need to learn the techniques first. It’s not that different from sports. In order to shoot three point shots like Steph Curry, you will need to learn the proper shooting technique first.

Don’t be in a hurry

Is there anyone among us who doesn’t want to get good results in a short time? We all want to learn the guitar as soon as possible, but one of the biggest factors that deter us is haste. When we hurry, we make more mistakes, and we learn inadequately, without fully learning the things we need to learn. We skip steps and pass on critical learning junctions.

Just like in any musical instrument learning, it is necessary not to be hasty in the guitar learning process, and to do everything step by step. If you don’t do that, you might also get bored with the guitar in a short time. Keeping your expectations short but high in time may disappoint you, so you should definitely not rush.

Play everything clean

Playing the guitar fast or watching someone playing fast may affect you, but it is important to play clean first. Beginner musicians give importance to playing fast rather than cleanly, but if what you’re playing is not clean, your lightning fast fretwork will sound pretty muddled up and bad. It is always the most important thing that every note you press is heard individually and clearly.

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