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16-Track Split Album ‘Not For Resale’ By Producers DRMHR & Ezzylvnd

Siliguri/Pune based Debjyoti Sanyal aka dreamhour and Dubai based produer EZZYLVND just released a 16 track split EP together called ‘Not For Resale’ via Pepsi MTV Indies. ‘With both artists straying away from their comfort zone (contemporary hip hop for Ezzylvnd and synth-pop for Sanyal), this split album features the first four songs by Ezzylvnd with the last four by Dreamhour (who’s operating under the alias DRMHR). An overall mix of hip hop based beats courtesy Ezzyland and subtle blends of snippets of tracks by artists like Micheal Jackson to Elton John by Sanyal, this mixtape is a result of extended procrastination (the idea was incepted in late 2014), a chance meeting of the two artists across the world wide web and countless corroborations via e-mail (The two artists have yet not met each other in person).’

Such collaborations are increasingly becoming common as musicians from different countries share their influences, sounds and ideas to produce something different and unique together.

The track list and links are below.



1. ’92/Shh!

2. Clarityy

3. Enchanté

4. Shy Brown Girls


5. Hit Cinema

6. 90s Colour

7. Nudes

8. Univerzal



9. Flutterbies

10. Nosebleeds

11. Nudes Pt. 2

12. Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Rhodes


13. Good Afternoon

14. I’m Cunning

15. Nocturnal Town

16. There’s Ecstasy

Tracks can be listened to here:

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